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North Tyne and Redesdale Red Squirrels


How You Can Help

​Report Sightings

The local community is our best ally in hearing about squirrels sightings
Please tell us about any squirrels seen in the North Tyne and Redesdale area but most critically we need to know about grey squirrel sightings promptly. The best way to report these is to email us at
We will always acknowledge your reports. Both red and grey sightings will be recorded for our regional statistics but we will also follow up grey sightings to determine if there may be a threat to reds.
It's worth reminding ourselves that our reds are close to extinction and as they say in some shop or other, "When they're gone, they're gone" and it's worth a whole heap of effort to prevent this from becoming reality.

Join Us!

Your squirrels need you!

We all have limited time: but we believe that what we do is worthwhile, so we do what we can when we can. We don't ask our helpers to take on tasks with which they feel uncomfortable or lack training.  We need a wide range of skills ranging from public relations, publicity and fund raising, to the more typical fieldwork related skills. We can offer training, more particularly in fieldwork skills. So, if you think you might be interested then please talk to us.

Squirrels in Your Garden

A squirrel feeder in your garden can be a huge help to red squirrels. This is likely to be used over the whole year, since winters can be tough, but it's during summer that wild food is most scarce.  Give them natural food such as nuts (see Feed Suppliers in the Links section) and occasionally apple and carrot. They particularly like hazel nuts in their shells since the shells prevent their teeth from growing too long (they grow continuously). A varied range of feed ensures a healthy balance. A cast deer antler or cuttlefish bone fastened to a tree is an important and effective source of calcium and will be gradually nibbled away. Your garden feeder should supplement their normal food supply and not replace it.
Red squirrels will also appreciate a part of your garden left to grow a bit wild, with fruiting plants and long grass for cover. Another important item on their late season menu is fungi, perhaps best encouraged by shade and dampness under long grass.

Feeders need to be kept clean to avoid diseases. But this becomes vital if you have visiting grey squirrels since they

can then be infected with squirrel pox which may be passed to your reds. This can be avoided if after a grey squirrel has been seen in the garden, the feeder is removed and disinfected. The feeder can be returned with fresh feed when the grey squirrel has departed. A disinfectant known to be effective against squirrel pox is Virkon S. This is available as tablets or sachets of powder from several suppliers including Amazon. Please note that the powder has a limited shelf life.
We strongly recommend the ebook, 'Red Squirrels in My Garden'. (see Links section).
Please don't feed grey squirrels.


We do our best to cover a large area of land but the reality is that we don't have the funds or the people to do as much as we would like. Donations of any size are hugely appreciated and be assured that every penny goes to red squirrels.
You can bank transfer directly into our account:
North Tyne and Redesdale Red Squirrels; account 43297489; sort code 20-40-09.

Alternatively, contact us by email at