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North Tyne and Redesdale Red Squirrels




‚ÄčNorth Tyne and Redesdale Red Squirrels (NT&RRS) is a community based volunteer group dedicated to the conservation of red squirrels in our local area.

The population of our indigenous red squirrels in the UK has fallen drastically over the last century. An animal that was once a common sight across most of our landscape is now on the verge of extinction. However, this is an on-going story and we now hope for a rather more rosy future. The purpose of this site is to describe the current situation, the circumstances that have brought it about, what needs to be done and how you can help. You may also wish to join our Facebook group, North Tyne and Redesdale Red Squirrels, and to receive our Newsletter.

Navigating the Site

Click on any menu topic to be taken to that page then scroll down through the contents titles. Subsections are all short and so it's simple to see what's there. Some additional information is brought in from other sources as linked files. These are indicated by underlined bold print, like this. To access the file, click on the link then click on the blue flag. Try it now! The file may take a few seconds to load, then when you're done close the file to return to the site.
The section on Squirrel Organisations is hardly the most rivetting....but this more than anything gives a snapshot of recent squirrel "history" and perhaps some insight as to why action has been so little and so late.

...and Anything Else

If anything seems not to work or there's additional material you think we should include, maybe your material, then please tell us. In fact, we would very much like some material from members, especially younger members. Email us at